2 Corinthians

The problems in the church in Corinth have for the most part been worked through, and Paul writes this letter to encourage them, to explain the love gift he is collecting for Judean Christians, and to defend his apostleship against critics who are speaking out against him.

Read by

Chris Sigall

Mary Cantell


When Mary Cantell's third-grade teacher told her parents their child would never become a mathematician, the eight-year-old adopted the self-fulfilling prophecy and began to pursue a natural love of language. With a desire to follow in the footsteps of journalist Barbara Walters, Mary eventually achieved a radio/TV career spanning over fifteen years as a broadcast reporter of traffic and news in the Delaware Valley. This led to voiceover work, including corporate video narration, online e-learning tutorials, medical/educational training tapes, and commercials. She's the author of four inspirational novels of contemporary fiction. Her latest, Hope Another Way, is due to release in June 2022. Mary and her husband attend Grace Bible in Phoenixville, PA.