2 Thessalonians

The church of Thessalonica is enduring persecution, and some believers wonder if the Day of the Lord had already arrived. Paul assures them that what they are experiencing is not God’s judgment. Before that terrible day comes, there must be a worldwide rebellion, removal of the Restrainer, and the rise to power of the man of lawlessness. But God will protect His children. Until the time that Christ returns, keep doing what is right.

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Chris Sigall

Min. Christopher C. Davis

I am a child of God who was born and raised in Norristown, PA., and who is married to my lovely wife of 25 years, Margot. Our union created a loving blended family that includes three adult children, a son-in-law, and three grandchildren.

I am a licensed minister at First Baptist Church-Norristown and am currently working towards completing my candidacy for ordination. I am a Graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, and for the past 28 years have worked as a Professional School Counselor in a local public school district.

My personal statement of Faith is that Faith in God’s ultimate act of mercy as manifested in the life, death, resurrection, and promised second coming of Jesus Christ, empowers me to fulfill the call to proclaim God’s Word in this generation.