In this short letter to Philemon, a believer in Colossae, the apostle Paul urges him to show the love of Christ and be reconciled to a runaway, thieving slave. Under Roman law, the slave could face severe punishment, but Paul urges grace for the sake of Christ. Philemon should welcome his slave back into the household, not as a slave now but as a beloved brother in Christ.

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Chris Sigall

Pr. Matthew Raley

Matthew Raley is the lead pastor at Towamencin Mennonite Church and an adjunct professor at Cairn University. He received his Ph.D. (Christianity and the Arts) from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY in 2017. In addition to studying the Bible, he enjoys writing and playing the violin. Originally from northern California, Matt has led churches, founded non-profit ministries, and performed in orchestras over the last twenty-five years. He has written a novel, Fallen (2008), and a book on evangelism, The Diversity Culture (2009), both available from Kregel. He has been married to Bridget for 30 years. They live with their two sons in Tylersport, north of Philadelphia.