Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians

Writing this letter from a Roman prison, Paul thanks the church in Philippi for the love gift they had sent him. The gospel of Christ is advancing in the world, despite hardship, and Christians can rejoice in that. We are urged to humble ourselves as Christ did, be unified, and press toward the goal of pleasing the Lord in all things.

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Chris Sigall

Rev. Dr. Sherry A. Jones

Rev. Dr. Sherry A. Jones is a lover and teacher of the Word of God who desires to walk in obedience to God's will and way. A native Philadelphian who came to Christ in 1968, Dr. Jones is a retired Professor Emeritus of Lancaster Bible College, who also was Academic Dean at the Center for Urban Theological Studies. She is a staff pastor at Eagles Nest Christian Fellowship in Germantown, urban Missioner for CityNet Ministries, WFIL radio bible teacher, and contributor on Real Change Radio. Dr. Jones also finds the time to direct the Word Endures Forum, a biblical studies school. She is a graduate of Temple University, Princeton, and Missio Theological Seminaries.